Wednesday, November 14, 2007

First Steps

The boys had their 1st Steps evaluation yesterday and it went very well! We were so pleased to learn that both boys will qualify for services. The area is social (and that's all because of speech not how they interact with others). Developmentally, they are right on target!

I was pleasantly surprised that Patrick qualified - my main concerns have been that he is difficult to understand and isn't really talking in sentences very much. He will receive therapy to help with 2-3 word sentences and phrases.

Calvin, of course, will receive therapy so we can understand him. :) He only makes a few consonant sounds which is common with kids who have clefts. They will also work with him some on using a straw/sucking.

The two evaluators thought that both boys will respond very well. We are so thankful that we have this resource available! And we are so glad to get them both evaluated and helped. We meet with our coordinator next week and are praying that a speech therpaist will be available - they evidently have a shortage of speech therapists. The boys will receive some kind of therapy no matter what - we just really want to get started with the speech instead of having to switch in the middle.


Jenna said...

What great news!

Barbie said...

Yeah! So happy for both boys! I will be praying that they just "take off" with therapy.

Kjersten, Steve, Aitugan & Nurai said...

I found your blog from the Kazapalooza site. My husband Steve and I are currently in Astana adopting our daughter, Aitugan. We are also planning to go to Kazapalooza.
We have a question for you about the Kazakh vests and hats that you bought for the boys and other family members. I thought I read somewhere that you bought them in Almaty? Do you happen to remember where you got them? Astana is an interesting place to be, but with all of the construction and emphasis on becoming such a modern city, we are having difficulty finding much of anything traditional or cultural that has any quality to it. Everything that we keep seeing is of cheap construction for tourists. We are hoping to wait and buy something in Almaty. If you have any suggestions you can write back on our blog ( or email me at
Thanks so much for sharing your Kaz adventure on your blog. I've enjoyed going back and reading about your experience. We look forward to meeting your family in Chicago this June!