Monday, November 05, 2007

Menu Plan Monday: 11/5-11/12

All right, first things first, the curry was AWESOME! We all loved it! I've updated the recipe with my take on it so now it's mine. :) We topped ours with toasted almonds & coconut, pineapple, raisins (well not me :)), and plain yogurt. I served it over mashed sweet potatoes (just mashed with a little plain yogurt and salt)! I think it would be really good made with lentils instead of chicken for a meatless meal. Anyway, it's definitely a keeper!

Also, instead of stew, I created a sausage bean soup that we really liked. I used organic andouille chicken sausage from Costco and we topped it with a little shredded organic sharp cheddar also from Costco. I think this soup would be excellent with some fresh chopped cilantro in addition to the cheese.

Here's this week's plan:

MONDAY: Stir-fry, brown rice, mixed green salad
TUESDAY: Pizza, fruit juice jello jigglers, carrots (I'll be gone so it will be Daddy & boys)
WEDNESDAY: Buffalo chicken & bleu cheese dip, carrot & celery sticks, apple slices
THURSDAY: Chicken & Noodles, mashed potatoes, peas, mixed green salad, fruit
FRIDAY: Irish Colcannon, mixed green salad
SATURDAY: Black Bean Enchiladas, chips & salsa
SUNDAY: Scrambled eggs, bagels, bacon, fruit salad
(Evening take to church: layered bean dip & tortilla chips, carrots & dip, brownies)

The stir-fry will have mushrooms, snow peas, carrots, onion, and probably chicken. The mushrooms are baby bellas that I found for 99 cents on a manager's special at Kroger and the snow peas were a similar sale. Kroger has baby carrots for 50 cents a bag this week so I stocked up a bit - I much prefer them. :) Sunday nights we usually have fellowship at church and I've not been doing a good job at planning what to bring, so I'm adding it to my menu plan.
I'm especially looking forward to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week! To see more menu ideas or to add your own plan for the week, check out Laura's site. I must say, I really appreciate the menu planning accountability. It's made such a difference in my life and my family loves it! Happy eating everyone!


tegdirb92 said...

the buffalo chicken and bleu cheese dip sounds really delicious!! Great meal plan this week.

Jenna said...

Alaina, in a completely unrelated to your post way, I tagged you! Check out my blog for the details...

Sharijoy said...

weds meal...YUMMY!!!!! that sounds sooooooo good! have a great week

Monica said...

We are trying the pork chops tonight. They smell yummy already:)

Amanda said...

mm all of it looks yummy

Heather L. said...

I just discovered that you have a blog just for recipes! What a great idea!

Natalie said...

That buffalo chicken sounds great!