Friday, November 30, 2007

Early Morning, Trees, & Farmer's Market

Our morning started at 4:15am. Calvin had a little procedure this morning - he did great but we are all very tired. I am NOT a morning person; not even a little. 2 cups of coffee and several hours later, here I sit, still tired, still feeling like going back to bed. Oh well. Maybe I'll catch a nap during the boys' naptime. Maybe.

Tomorrow, we will be having our tree trimming party. This is an annual tradition that my parents started with us and it was so much fun, that I knew it was something I wanted to carry on with our family. Andrew and I have enjoyed this celebration of the season as a couple and last year, the boys were in on it a little, but this year, I think they will love it!

Speaking of trees, do any of you that live around here, know a good place to get a Christmas tree? We are interested in going to a tree farm but really don't want to break the bank and I have no idea how much they run. Usually we just go to a tree lot and pick one but with the know, memories, pictures... :) Anyway, let me know.

We are going to go and get eggnog in the morning at Trader's Point Creamery - I think this is the first week they are offering it. I will also probably make some sugar cookies and let the boys decorate them. And we will have a variety of other snacks and "treats" for our party.

For those of you interested, it's the winter season at the Farmer's Market. It runs from 9am - 12pm on Saturdays. They offer meats, eggs, dairy products, and other seasonal produce etc. Tomorrow will be my first visit to the winter market (I haven't been able to go in several weeks!). If I find anything great, I'll let you know! Anyone else been there, lately?

Well, this is rambling...sorry...I repeat, I am NOT a morning person. :)


Heather L. said...

I have the total scoop for you! Your post forced me to do one of the things on my list.

First, for everyone, you can go to to find a farm in your area.

For those of us here, you can call Nelson's Christmas Tree Farm in Lizton at 994-5980. They have cut your own trees at $4/ft for scotch pine; $5.50/ft for white pine, spruces; $7.50/ft for Frasers. There is optional baling for $1. There is a tree with candycanes for all the children to choose one. The next two weekends from 11-4p.m. the "real" Santa will be there for the kids. (Can you tell the lady was giving me the speel!?) Actually, she was really nice, and I think this is the place my family has gotten their trees for years.

Hope that helps!

Monica said...

I'm interested in the winter Farmer's Market. Do tell us what you find there and a little bit about what you normally buy/spend. Maybe you've posted about this in the past, I don't know.

Sounds like you guys have a fun weekend ahead!

Catherine said...

Wow, Heather that place sounds like a great deal! The place we usually go is closed this year for some reason, and we're going to be out of town for the week before Christmas and week after, so we're still debating if it's worth it to do a big tree this year, but I'd love to hear if you find a good place!

Also yes, do tell us what you find at the farmer's market!

Mob said...

I love the idea of having a tree trimming party. My parents did something like that when I was growing up and you just reminded me to start that up again with my own family. Thanks.

Alaina said...

Thanks, Heather, for all that information! We are headed there tomorrow!

I will definitely report on what I find at the market. I don't need much but I will try to also take note of what is offered and some of the prices.