Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lion & Tiger

We had wonderful evening trick-or-treating last night. We briefly debated about whether or not to participate in the activities but we are so glad we did (at this point, neither of us have strong feelings regarding Halloween - we just won't have any witches, ghosts etc. and you won't find our house decorated with anything other than pumpkins). Last year, this article by Tim Challies really made us think. As we re-read it this year, we were again challenged by his perspective.

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed the interactions with our neighbors (and even met ones that just moved in a few doors down). While this should not be the only time to talk to neighbors, it is one of the culturally acceptable days to be involved in your neighborhood and we appreciated that.

The boys were thrilled with their costumes - Calvin was a tiger and Patrick was a lion. They were just generally really delighted with the whole evening. They said, "t-treat" and "thank you." Both of them were adamant that their little fur mittens be in perfect place and they did not take their hoods off at all. :) We were asked many times if the boys are twins and many people told us how adorable they are (we beamed proudly and agreed :)).

We certainly understand and respect people choosing not to participate in Halloween or choosing alternatives but this was the right decision for us for this year.
And here are our adorable lion & tiger - oh my!


Micah said...

How precious!!! Did they choose their outfits themselves?

Barbie said...

Oh how sweet!! I guess those probably aren't the best words to describe a lion and tiger! :)

Mary said...

How CUTE!!! In their costumes they really do look like they could be twins.

Jenna said...

They are adorable!! I agree with you that Halloween can be about many things, but a big part of it is bringing together communities for the delight of children (and who can pass up the chance to have their little ones in something as cute as those costumes!!).

Jen said...

They are SO cute!!! love the outfits.

and....I WON?!?!?!?! REally?!?!? I can hardly believe it. I never win anything.

Karen said...

Such cute brothers—I bet they had the time of their lives. How fun.

Anonymous said...

My little great grandsons are the cutest ever. I could use a hug from the tiger and lion. I know all of you had a special time together.
Love you so much,
Great Grandma