Monday, May 26, 2008

Interests & Growth

Lately, I've been getting a running commentary on life...from Patrick. He not only loves to be my right-hand man but he LOVES to tell me everything that is going on with him and his brother. It's adorable although my ears are very tired by the end of the day. :) Patrick is really in to semi-trucks, trains, helping in the kitchen, and playing outside. He is so loving and affectionate these days and gives us many spontaneous hugs. He love to "pop, up" (be picked up). :)

Calvin is ever the ham. He keeps us laughing every single day. He is talking more and more and we are working to understand him. :) He is also a big helper and loves to feed the dog and let her out of her crate - he also let her out of the fence the other day but that is another story for another day... :) He is especially excited about transportation, puzzles, letters & numbers, and playing outside. He is also a cuddle bug and loves to snuggle while we read books or watch a movie.

They continue to bring us daily joy! They are excited about playing soccer and going to school this fall. They amaze us as they grow and learn. What a blessing to have them as our sons!


Brian and Raendra said...

I really enjoyed seeing the family on Memorial Day. The boys are getting so big, and so helpful. Calvin wanted to get the door for me so bad, as I was bringing Clayton in. I could see he just wanted to serve. You have a couple of wonderful boys.

Karen said...

What little sweeties you have there. Garrett is like Patrick, constantly chattering. My ears are sure getting a work out these days. LOL.