Thursday, May 01, 2008

Not Much

Today will be my last day teaching Biology! As much as I love the kids, I'm thrilled to be done! It takes a lot of work and I'm ready to not have so many things taking up time. I have a big project that I need to be making more headway on for work and hopefully one less thing will help!

We are getting anxious to work outside and put the garden in - we are expanding this year and very committed to doing it well and preserving or giving away what we can't get eaten. :) I'm looking forward to trying a few new things this year. And, of course, I always have lots of herbs - some of the perennial herbs are already up and smelling fantastic!

We have a full day and full weekend. Calvin will be having his initial consultation at Riley for Speech this afternoon. We are hoping it will all work out!

Happy May everyone - maybe it will finally get warm and stay warm!


Heather L. said...

Yeah for finishing Biology!!! And yeah for garden work -- we have a lot too. You'll have to come see sometime -- Michael's digging up the side of the house!

CityStreams said...

Yay! It is such a relief to finish the semester, isn't it? I'm jealous! My last day is at the end of May, but I know I'll miss the kids like crazy by the end of June. And then I'll start all over :o)