Sunday, May 04, 2008


I just read this on a recipe review:

I thought this would be really easy to make, since there are only four ingredients, but I couldn't find the recipe for ice cubes, so it wasn't very frozen. It was more like chocolate milk with ice cream in it.

The "recipe for ice cubes" - are you kidding me? Do they really not know how to make ice cubes? That is sad.

Mothers everywhere take note: make sure your sons and daughters know how to make ice cubes and while your at it, make sure they can boil water, too.


Paula said...

That would be funny if it wasn't a true statement. I cannot believe that.
Love the post about the closet cookie eater...too cute.

Monica said...

I'm laughing here!!

CityStreams said...

Can that possibly be true? I mean little kids can make ice. There has to be something missing here. Like brain cells!