Thursday, March 04, 2010

A Circus

This morning we went to the three-ring circus with the boys' preschool. It was fun and it was long. And I couldn't help but thing how life can be a three-ring circus and how lately, that's exactly what it feels like around here. :) No two acts are the same but they come one right after the other. Between everyone being sick (I'm finally starting to get some energy back!) and the crazy, crazy schedule of late, I hardly now where to start on catching up. It can be discouraging and frustrating.

But then there are funny (because you don't want to cry about them) moments mixed in, like when I was changing the sheets on all the beds and heard something rattling - it was valentine conversation hearts hidden in someone's pillow case. And like when I learned that Titus had been given a sucker in bed first thing this morning. Sticky mess, sugared-up boy, and naughty brothers. All candy (at least that I have found) has been confiscated and thrown away.

Yes, a three-ring circus might be a good way to describe it. I have three "clowns" who need lots of training and correction as they prepare for the "show" of life and all that it brings. I love them and I pray for wisdom as we teach and guide them.

In the mean time, I'm stifling a laugh. Because sometimes laughing makes everything just a little easier.

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Sara said...

AMEN!! Well said Alaina. I understand COMPLETELY! My motto is: Laugh or Cry... Choosing to laugh makes it easier on everyone! Hope you continue to regain energy.