Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time With My Baby

I have treasured my Tuesday & Thursdays with Titus. The older boys are off learning and growing and thriving. They are making friends and enjoying it. And Ty and I have had a wonderful time playing and laughing and cuddling and running errands. It's been delightful.

Next school year will bring many changes and I will miss the individual time with my littlest man. But it will be a good change. We'll find other time to spend individually with our guys because that's important to us.

For now, I'm enjoying the remaining school days with Titus and feeling so thankful for our time. I love being Mommy to my boys. What a joy!

I've been feeling a bit nostalgic looking back at the pictures of when Titus was just born. He was all of 6 lb. 10 oz. at his birth. So little! Our now 23 lb., 19 month old toddler is a hilarious ball of energy. So fun!


MyMomBlogs said...

Aaahhh... sooo precious!! And I have to say the look on your face as you snuggle newborn Ty is just... priceless!!

Amazing how fast they grow from that super-tiny size, huh?!?!

wiggins said...

I love that picture!

Tell him if he gains 3 more pounds, he'll weigh as much as Caroline!

Hope you are all feeling better.