Thursday, March 25, 2010

What's Your Favorite?

I'm always curious about what people enjoy food-wise. I would love for you to join in and leave your answers in the comment section. It not only helps in selecting recipes and working on the cooking blog but it is also very interesting to me. So without further adieu, here are five "favorites" questions with my answers:

Food: Any Cheese - brie being right at the top.
Dessert: Cookie - this has changed over the years but I love them with a cup of coffee.
Cold Drink: I'm mostly a water or unsweetened iced tea girl w/lemon or lime.
Hot Drink: Coffee - straight up, Americano, or unsweetened/unflavored latte.
Ethnic Cuisine: Probably Asian for me but it's a toss up - I really like eating international cuisine.

When we spent quite a bit of time overseas, we enjoyed wonderful food! I will say that the thing I craved the most when we landed back in the U.S. was a burger and fries. I found that fascinating - I guess it's the quintessential American food.

How about you - what are your favorites? Have they changed over the years?


Thad and Ann said...

Food: Sushi
Dessert: Pecan Pie
Cold Drink: Diet Pepsi & water
Hot Drink: Coffee
Ethnic Cuisine: Mexican

I have the weirdest combo, haha!

Jennifer M said...

Food: I'd like to say lobster, but practically speaking I'd probably say rice.

Dessert: Bars that are sticky and gooey (as long as they don't have fruit pieces) i.e. baklava, caramel chocolate bars, etc.

Cold Drink: Mai tai

Hot Drink: coffee- the more frou frou, the better!

Ethnic: Indian. LOVE Indian to the point of obsessive passion. :-)

minime0910 said...

I am a lurker and don't normally comment, but I thought this was a cool question!

Food: CHEESE!!!

Dessert: I am picky with desserts. I don't like fruit in my dessert and I am not a chocolate fan. So I would say yellow cake with funfetti icing!!

Cold Drink: Lemonade

Hot Drink: Hot Chocolate w/ Baileys

Ethnic Cuisine: normally I would say Asian, but I just got back from Kaz and am kind of burned out on rice, noodles, etc. So I am going to go with Mexican. I just realized by reading this that I have a horrible diet!! Oops!

Mama10EE said...

Food: Pizza (although I do like cheese as well)

Dessert: Ice Cream (mint chocolate chip or butter pecan being my favs)

Cold Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper

Hot Drink: English Breakfast Tea with sugar and milk

Ethnic Cuisine: spicy Mexican

Jen said...

Food: This is hard--any bread type item
Dessert: again hard to chose just one, but ice cream
Cold Drink: Cherry Coke
Hot Drink: Carmel Macchiato
Ethnic Cuisine: Mexican though Italian is a close 2nd

Gretchen said...

Great question!

Food: Cheese and bread
Dessert: Cheesecake
Cold Drink: Lemonade or Coke
Hot Drink: Spice Tea or coffee
Ethnic cuisine: Thai