Friday, March 12, 2010


I'm pretty sure we are having a relapse of strep. We all finished our medication last weekend and now two of us have very sore throats again (me & P). I think I may have re-infected the family - we cleaned, I promise! :) My body is extremely sensitive and allergic a lot of antibiotics and so the ideal treatment for strep is not a medicine I can take. I think what I did take surpressed it and made me feel better but didn't kill it. We'll see what the doctor says.

I'm very discouraged. We are generally health conscious and eat well overall. I think we need to be better about taking our daily vitamins - we haven't done the best on that lately. So today, I feel grumpy and tired and frustrated that we can't seem to get well. The idea of going back on antibiotics and feeling awful for yet another several days does not appeal. Caring for the kids and our house and the things that need done feels daunting.

And here I was all ready to post cute pictures of the boys' circus at school. :) Oh well, what can I say? I'll post them later or tomorrow. Right now, I have zero energy and have to take three kids and myself to the doctor. All right, I'm done wallowing in self-pity; we'll make it. And we'll cancel our plans for the weekend - we most certainly don't want to share.


Nash said...

Heyyyyyyy cheer up! ONE WEEK and we will be there! That's reason to smile! :)

Sorry you are all not feeling well. Don't beat yourself up. We never take vitamins and never get sick (knock on wood) so you never know. KWIM!


Margaret said...

Feel better soon, so I can some to your house!

Barbie said...

So sorry Alaina. I know that can really be discouraging all around. I pray everyone gets well soon. And STAYS well.

Jenna said...

I understand how discouraged you feel. This past winter has been a doozy of illness for me and there is nothing worse than knowing you have responsibilities when all you feel like doing it curling up in bed and sleeping. But certainly don' blame yourself. Everyone I know with young people in their homes are sick often. It's just part of pre-school age kids I think. And remember, it won't last forever!

Monica said...

No!!! So sorry you are having to deal with this again. Hopefully, it won't be as bad this time.