Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

Last week I cooked an Irish Feast (you can check it out here). So this week I'm less inclined to do a second big Irish meal. And we really aren't doing a whole lot for St. Patrick's Day - mostly because we are definitely still not 100% - not even close - especially me. Frustrating - yes. But I am resigned.

So, no parade and no big meal; just some coloring and cutting of shamrocks and wearing green and if I find some energy somewhere, maybe something green to go along with dinner. :) I'm okay with it. I have to be but I also have to remind myself that I shouldn't feel guilty.

Why are we so quick to compare ourselves with others? My kids probably don't even care; well, unless I mentioned the parade...which I won't...

Oh and Calvin would like to know when it will be his day. Somehow I think he will be a little disappointed to know that we don't celebrate a St. Calvin's Day. :)


Kim said...

Yeah, no celebrating here either. David is Irish and loves this day for the food. Since I am Italian I do not appreciate ANY Irish food. Blahhh. :)

Thad and Ann said...

LOL on St. Calvin's Day. THat is funny.

We aren't doing anything special today either. I caught a cold this weekend, woke up with a migraine & feel like crap in general today. Must.get.well.MUST!

Hope you have a good day & feel better.

wiggins said...

Hope you are feeling better very soon.

Last year, for weeks after the St. Pat's Day parade, Sarah Grace called it the "Calvin's Day Parade." Those 2 names are just linked in her mind!

Micah said...

No, you definitely should not feel guilty! I didn't even know it was St. Patrick's Day until I got on some blogs yesterday afternoon! Just focus on feeling better - there are plenty of other more fun holidays to celebrate! (oh, I hope Katie Mayes isn't reading this ;)