Monday, March 01, 2010


I'm sad that the Olympics are over. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the amazing stories and awesome show of prowess. I love that it brings out patriotism. I love that my family cheers for two countries and that my kids are proud of their Kaz heritage.

Watching the Olympics is a tradition in my family - I remember many games and many athletes over the years (I think the first games I have memory of are probably 1984 - I was 5). I've dreamed of winning a medal (as an underdog, of course) and I remember our ice skating and hockey on roller skates in the garage. Mostly, I love that for two weeks I connect to people who can do things that I will never be able to do and that I can still dream of taking up a new sport.

Now, my children watch the Olympics and pick their favorite sports. Titus is in to the ice skating and has his own "routines" and Calvin and Patrick like the bobsled, hockey, and skiing. My favorites this year were the snowboarding, the short-track, speed and figure ice skating (as always), and the skiing. Still can't get behind the curling. The sport I would most like to try? Ski jumping. I would love to feel like I'm gliding on air.

It's wonderful to see people from around the world compete, support each other, and congratulate one another (well, most of the time). It's the kind of world I like to think of - a peaceful one.

Goodbye Winter Olympics. Can't wait for your return in four years. Perhaps one of my four year olds will be well on his way to mastering a sport and creating his own heart-warming Olympic story - likely not, but hey, a mom can dream.

In the mean time, perhaps I will get a little more sleep. :)


Heather said...

Beautiful post!

Barbie said...

No kidding... more sleep is right! We have truly enjoyed watching them too and will miss them. It is nice you all enjoyed them as a family. Nice tradition made into fun memories. :-)