Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pizza Night!

Last night, we made pizza. I had decided that it would be fun to let the boys make their own. I made little crusts for them and then let them top their pizzas with whatever they wanted. They LOVED it!

At one point, I handed them some little dishes of pineapple and before I knew it, the pineapple was being devoured instead of being used as a pizza topping. :) I explained how they should use it as a pizza topping which they did but then C ate some of it off the pizza. :) I did give them some more pineapple just for eating after they finished topping their pizza.

They enjoyed watching them bake and then we had movie night – a picnic on the floor and their choice of movie. (They chose Cars - again. :)) This was sooo fun! We will definitely do it again - it was a really fun dinner which we needed since Andrew wasn't home!

*I usually reserve the pictures for the boys' blog but since it kind of had to do with menu planning etc. - I decided to post it here. :)*


heather L. said...

LOVED this!

Anonymous said...

What a tremendous Mommy you are! That was such a "special" thing you did with the boys. Their enthusiasm for having fun with the project is so evident in the pictures. You know how much I love these stories and pictures.

Love always,
Great Grandma udd

Monica said...

Train them right and you'll have it made! I love it that you let them get in and do their own thing. They obviously loved it and they love you!

Kellan said...

They are so cute making their own pizza's - you are a good mommy. See ya.

Kari & Kijsa said...

Thanks for your sweet comments! So glad to hear you and your sisters are so close! (you should have one of them guest blog for you)!

smiles, kari and kijsa