Sunday, February 03, 2008

MPM: 2/4-2/10

Last week, I ended up changing several things as dictated by who was home, leftovers, and what needed to be used. :) We had sloppy joes instead of the black bean soup because I had buns that were in need of eating. And my husband and I are currently enjoying a weekend trip so the kids are eating whatever my parents are feeding them (and I did this menu plan on Friday :)). :) We loved the lentil tomato stew - I garnished it with a little fresh grated Asiago cheese. This week, I'm carrying over a couple of meals and planning a couple of new recipes.

MONDAY: Pizza, Veggies, Apple slices
TUESDAY: Balsamic-Glazed Salmon, Quinoa & Cucumber Salad, Green Beans
WEDNESDAY: Beef & Black Bean Soup, Salad, Biscuits
THURSDAY: Dinner w/friends - I'm bringing dessert. Perhaps this or this or this or maybe my own creation - any ideas?
FRIDAY: Whole Grain Waffles, Fried Eggs, Fruit
SATURDAY: Tandori Chicken Tenders w/Peanut Dipping Sauce, Peas, Yogurt w/blueberries
SUNDAY: Peach Stuffed French Toast Casserole, Bacon, Juice
Evening (take to church pitch-in) - Cookies, Chips & Salsa, Celery w/pb

I think I might also try Mocha-Chip Meringues for a light dessert this week. We don't really do much dessert around here so this will be a treat! I've added several new recipes to my recipe blog - feel free to check them out. And as always, visit Laura's site for more menu plans.


chickinthekitchen said...

Hi Alaina, I keep meaning to add quinoa to my menu. Thank you for the reminder! Have a good week.

Rona's Home Page said...

I'm a big fan of waffles. You can enjoy them anytime of the day.

PlanningQueen said...

Hope you had a great week end away. My parents have offered to have our kids for a week end so we can get away. i can't wait!

Bonnie said...

Looks like a week of good eatin' at your place !

Jennie Thompson said...

Hope your weekend was relaxing. We saw the boys on Sunday. They looked as if they had a good weekend. Your mom looked a bit tired.:)

Jenna said...

Reid made a really yummy orange sauce for fish last night (I picked it out... he made it!) that I thought I would share with you... we had it over cod b/c that's what was for sale. But you could put it over any white fish. You cook the fish however you like (pan sear is what Reid did, or you could broil). Take the following ingredients, mix them together over heat until slightly thickened and then pour over fish. The amounts below were taken from a recipe for 8 servings, so I'm sure Reid scaled it down.

2 Tsp Margarine
1 Tsp Flour
1/2 C Orange Juice
2 Tsp Lemon Juice
1 Dash Nutmeg
1/4 Tsp Salt -- Optional (I don't think it needs this!)

Sandra said...

Sounds wonderful, great menu. Thanks for sharing!

My Menu Plan is up too :)

Niki said...

I've always wondered what sloppy joes are. Thank you for the recipe. I'll give them a go sometime. Your menu sounds great. Have a great week.

Mob said...

mmmm sloppy joes, I'm going to have to print that one out!

Alaina said...

Jenna, Thank you so much for the recipe!!! We will look forward to trying it - looks delicious!

Loraena said...

okay. all this is making me really hungry. looks delish!