Monday, February 04, 2008

R & R

First, hooray for the GIANTS! I was so pleased (and surprised) that they beat New England! Go Manning brothers! :)

Andrew and I enjoyed our last-minute weekend away. We stayed downtown at the Hyatt (thanks to We had been thinking about a getaway since October and this weekend worked out for my parents to watch the boys - we were so grateful! The boys were able to mostly keep their routine, go to church, etc. and they had been begging Papa to play with the train table.

We enjoyed a relaxing couple of days with no schedule and very little responsibility. We needed it. We rested, talked, shopped, talked, ate, slept, get the idea. :) We found cute clothes for next year for the boys at Children's Place. They were on clearance for 50% off the lowest price and I had a 20% off coupon so pretty inexpensive and great quality clothes! Not much shopping for ourselves really - isn't that the way of it?! :)

We really enjoyed seeing the movie Juno - I'll write more on that another day. We ate lots of great food and I appreciated the cooking break. On Saturday, we took advantage of Auntie Anne's free pretzel day - yum! They were so good!

So, it was a wonderful, refreshing, much-needed weekend away. It was the first time since bringing the boys home (Oct. '06) that we have been away. They did great but I missed them so much! :)


Heather L. said...

It sounds wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys!

Jen said...

I saw Juno as well right after Christmas and really loved it. It's kind of a hard movie to recommend depending on your audience :), but I really appreciated that the character was herself and was honest.

Mob said...

What a luxury, you are so lucky to have the grandparents sround to watch the boys. Yea, we get the idea :0
glad you enjoyed yourselves.
I'm glad the giants won too!

Barbie said...

What a refreshing break! It's so important to have those times away together.

Monica said...

That sounds wonderful. Isn't it nice to look at your spouse and not be distracted or interrupted. I hope you plan to do this every year!

Sniz said...

The Hyatt in Indy by any chance? When I was growing up, we would go there to hang out in the lobby and I would look up at all those balconies and think that it must be the epitome of wealth to stay in that hotel. To me, it was one of the neatest places I'd ever seen.

Wow, your weekend sounds so awesome. Staying at the Hyatt and shopping without children at the Circle Center Mall. I'm pretty jealous.

I feel exactly like you about the Superbowl. If Payton wasn't in it, Eli's the next best thing, but the best part was NY putting NE in it's place!

Does Aunt Annie's give away free pretzels every Saturday?

Ambrose Family said...

I'm glad you had a get-away! That's so great for a marriage.

I had mixed feelings about Juno. It was cute and very entertaining, but it was also disturbing to see the flippancy regarding life and major decisions that unfortunately wasn't terribly exaggerated. All in all, I enjoyed it, but was a wee bit depressed after.

Hope you're enjoying being back with your boys!