Monday, February 18, 2008

Work and Mysterious Illness

I filled in for one of our hygienists whose grandaughter was born today. I enjoyed the day - the patients, having lunch with my husband (we work 2 blocks apart), and visiting with my co-workers (I rarely see some of them these days with my very limited hours). It's been a long time since I worked most of a full day. It was nice but I was glad to see my boys!

I went to pick up the kids who had spent the afternoon at Nana's house and Calvin felt warm. My mom said he had been drinking a lot of water and hadn't taken a very long nap. We took his temp and it was over 103. We stayed a little longer and I took it again and it was over 104! The strange thing was that he was acting completely normal. The other times he has had high fevers, he has been lethargic and flushed but he did not exhibit these or any other symptoms. I brought him home and gave him Tylenol which brought his fever down significantly but did not take it away. He watched a movie (in an attempt to encourage quieter activity) and played, ate dinner, and went to bed. I'm thinking he may have other symptoms tomorrow but hopefully he'll be okay - he is coughing just a little.

Patrick is fine and really, you wouldn't know Calvin is even sick. Sadly, we had to cancel a play date for tomorrow that we were really looking forward to and I'm thinking we will also have to cancel speech therapy but we'll see. There has been so much going around that I'm guessing he just picked up a virus. It's always hard for me to see my kids sick. I wish I could just take it away!


Ambrose Family said...

I hope Calvin gets better ASAP! Sick kiddos are always so pathetic.

My niece Rachel was very sick while we were in Europe, and I called to check on her. When she got on the phone she croaked (the poor girl had almost NO voice), "I'm tik, Katie, toe tik!" It just made me cry!

I'm amazed that he's not exhibiting more symptoms with such a high fever. Weird!

Mob said...

I hope the little guy doesn't get really sick. Thats always a bummer.