Tuesday, February 05, 2008

No Pictures Lately

I haven't taken any pictures lately - I'll try to remedy that tomorrow. The boys are busy with their cars and train table all the time! :) We were at Target yesterday and I happened upon toddler bed sheets and pillowcases with Mater and Lightening (of Pixar Cars). I had a gift card from Christmas that I decided to use for the adorable sheets that made my children exceedingly happy! They also had clearance Cars shirts - so a couple of those found their way into our cart, too.

They were so excited and could not stop talking about Cars. It's so fun to see them identify the characters. Yes, the obsession continues...no end in sight. They have, however, agreed to a few other movies on our occasional movie night. We are thankful for that!

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Kim said...

We are all about the Cars here too. Noah loves his Cars bed sheets and pillow. He likes to decide between the McQueen side and Mate side to his pillow each night. :)