Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...that it is indeed impossible to get three children and a dog to look at the camera at the same time...much less smile naturally. (Sigh)

This is the best of the bunch and the camera focused on the dog and blurred the kids...yeah, she only wishes for that kind of attention these days...not to say she isn't loved and cared for member of the family...okay, I'll stop now... :)


Mama10EE said...

I think it's a great picture! The boys are all looking and generally smiling, and I like the blurred look of the's subtle. It is impossible to get a dog to look at a camera unless you sit for hours and wait for that just right moment. You got all the boys to look, that in itself is a miracle!

Jenna said...

Pippi is adorable (and still looking a little plump. I think she'll take that kind of attention for the boys! The food kind!).

Alicia said...

Cute pic!

How was your camera set? If the aperture was too wide (low number), then it explains the OOF boys. If you dial the aperture higher (narrower), to 6 or 7, you can get them in focus. It depends on where your dial is set for the shooting mode though.

Catherine said...

Well, I'm still not successful in getting two kids and no dog to smile at the same time...

I like how there is also a heavenly light shining on Pippi in the picture!

Heather said...

They are all precious. :)

stephanie said...

this pic cracks me up. C & P both look like they are kind of fake smiling in a blur and just doing what you told them to do (hold onto dog...hold onto baby). Even though it's not perfect, you know you'll treasure it.
See you guys soon!

Alaina said...

Hey Alicia - how do I change the aperture? And where do I look to see what it was set at? I'm camera illiterate though I have experimented with various settings. :) Not all the pictures blurred out the boys...and I didn't change the settings in between...what does that mean?

Micah said...

Ha! It is impossible, but it's worth the effort thinking that one day it will work - and who knows when that day will be?!?

Cute kids, anyway ;)

Alicia said...

If the focus point on your camera focused on the boys in one pic, and not the next, a low aperture would affect what all is in focus in a certain range in the photo.

On the dial on the left, how is it set? Is it the green box or P?

Try using the Av mode by turning the dial to it. Once on Av, turn the top dial on the right side of the camera to the left to lower the aperture number. This setting will automatically pick the right shutter speed to properly expose the photo based on the aperture that you set.

Do a couple test shots with a low number, while focusing on something in the foreground, and see how the background is blurred. In the pic in your post, see how the chair and wall are REALLY fuzzy? They are out of the focus range based on the aperture the camera gave if you were on auto mode.

Something overall that will give you a better range of pictures with available light is to hit the top arrow button on the back for ISO. use the arrow buttons to go down to 400 and press the middle round gray button.

higher aperture number = narrower aperture = more will be in focus from front to back

lower aperture number = wider aperture = less will be in focus front to back

I like the style of having the backround out of focus, so I often go for a lower aperture number.

A higher number (more focus range) requires a slower shutter speed to result in a properly exposed photo, so if you are in low light, you may have some blur from movement unless the setting is totally still.

hope that's not TOO confusing!

Pioneer Woman has a photography page that you might enjoy.She explains aperture at the link below.

check her site for other good intro photography explanations (and examples)

Jill said...

A for effort my friend! A big fat A!