Saturday, November 01, 2008


The boys had an awesome time trick-or-treating last night with their cousins! We don't make a big deal about Halloween but we do let the boys dress-up and go out for trick-or-treating! They wanted to be cows but the costumes didn't fit so they were cowboys instead. :) We have a $10 or less rule for costumes and we were pleased to only spend about $10 total on Calvin & Patrick's outfits since they already had some of the things!

We didn't manage to catch many smiles with the camera but there were LOTS of them. :) They did great about saying trick-or-treat and thank you (well, Patrick would say "trick-or-treating").

Calvin - tired by the end!

Patrick - so serious.

Ty - our cute spit-up puppy. :)

Trick-or-treating - they were so excited about the candy! They normally aren't allowed to have very much. :)

Heading down the street to the next house.

In their costumes.

Our three little guys. I've already explained how hard it is to get three smiling and looking at the camera. *sigh*

The Whole Family.

All the cute kids! It was so fun spending the evening (and overnight!) with cousins.
Ava - giraffe, Toby - skunk, Clayton - frog, Calvin & Patrick - cowboys, Titus - puppy


Jill said...

Love the family pic AND the one with the cousins! What a beautiful family you have!

Jenny said...

that's funny -- Mark said "Trick or treating" last year! This year they both seemed to have the words (and the thank yous) down pat. Cute pics!

Rona's Home Page said...

Happy Halloween kidlets.

kitzkazventure said...

I keep meaning to stop by and say hi. We sat next to you at Kazapalooza during the luncheon. I can't remember how I found your blog but I was so happy to see that we knew you from Chicago. Congrats on the new addition. He is beautiful! I love your other blog with all of the recipes also. Hope to see you again next year! I think you guys saw Muriel and kids right after we visited with them in Cinci. How fun!

Have a great week! Karen Kitzman (ky karen)