Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote for the Winners!


We've chosen our top three and one honorable mention (okay, two for #3 :)) for each picture and now it's your turn! Vote on your favorite of the top three to help determine the winners! Winners will have a choice between a $5 Starbucks gift card and the cookbook, Forever Summer by: Nigella Lawson ($30 value). If one person wins more than one, than you may choose both prizes OR a $10 gift card. I'll leave the voting open until Saturday and then the winners will be posted - if you are one of the nominees, feel free to send people over to vote for you. :) Thanks to those of you who entered - I'm sorry you couldn't all win because you all made me laugh! Maybe I will make this a more frequent feature - what do you think?!

NOTE: The captions are listed in no particular order.


#1 - “Who? Me? I'm pretty sure you got the wrong guy.”
#1 - "What? Do I have something on my face?"
#1 - "Mom, you think I look pretty, don't you . . . ?"

HM - #1 – “Ate what... I didn't eat anything...”


#2 - "The corn dog is really the rarest of meats and should be paired with a glass of pinot noir to really release the flavor" (said in a very snooty voice)
#2 - “AHHH the bliss of on exquisitely prepared tube steak...”
#2 - “Oh... you only wish you looked this good eating a hot dog!”

HM - #2 - "Yes, I enjoy a corn dog . . . doesn't every boy?"


#3 - “HEY how about a WARM washcloth for the next diaper change...”
#3 - "You're going to stick THAT, WHERE?"
#3 - "I should have told the waiter to hold the jalapenos."

HM - #3 - "Did you see my Mommy in picture #4?"
2nd HM - #3 - Titus just saw the Colts record for the first time this season.


#4 - “I have three children under the age of four... so yes, this is a good hair day!”
#4 - “3 boys - no wonder my halo slipped!”
#4 - Infomercial announcer: "Great news, Ladies, in just five simple steps, you too can look like this!”

HM - #4 - What, you think I look this way naturally?

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