Saturday, November 01, 2008

Winners & Misc.

Congrats to Amy & The Schros for winning the cookbook giveaway! I will be posting the finalists for the caption contest soon and then you can vote! We had a wonderful evening and overnight with cousins last night...I'll be posting pictures on the boys' blog soon.

I started a furniture project that has been calling to me for a few months - can't wait to show you the finished products! I'm in the organizing mood - sterilite here I come. :) I officially started Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago - I may even wrap them soon. Bill Cosby still makes me laugh. I LOVE having three kids - I am, however, in a perpetual state of exhaustion and my house doesn't remember what clean is. :) Titus is laughing and cooing and is super social - he does not wish to be left alone for fear of missing something - it's adorable! I'm glad it's daylight savings tonight. I feel constantly blessed.

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