Thursday, July 08, 2010

Blogger & Misc.

Blogger has come a long way! I've been having a great time exploring some of the new features and customizable templates. We use wordpress for The Cooks Next Door and while I like it, I still find that I have a soft spot for blogger. The improvments they have made, makes me even a little more loyal. :) So if you haven't had a chance to check out the changes, you should!

In other news, I ordered curriculum for the start of our kindergarten in September. The boys are more than ready to start school. They practice writing and ask me how to spell things on a daily basis. I've been pretty overwhelmed at the prospect of homeschooling but I keep reminding myself that it's kindergarten. I think we will have a great year and I think the group we have joined will be excellent! But I'm still not thinking about it too much for another few weeks. :)

By the way, we are having a couple of giveaways over on the cooking blog this week - check it out!


Aaron and Julie said...

Hi Alaina,
We are a fellow Kaz adoptive family (home 1/08). I found you from the Cooks Next Door and followed the 2 Hearts team's mission trip. Your boys are adorable! I felt compelled to comment because we recently decided to homeschool kinder in the fall, too :) You are right - it is just kindergarten! Our blog is private (and not updated often). Pls email if you would like an invite or 'chat' about HS. jwoods626 @ gmail . com Perhaps we will meet in Indy for the walk.

Kim said...

FUN new background!

Brooke said...

You certainly CAN'T think about school until August. Enjoy the remaining weeks before you officially begin the journey of a lifetime ;) You will be great!