Monday, July 26, 2010

Creative Outlet

Yesterday, I had to stay home from church with a sick kiddo and so I made dinner while the sick one slept and the rest were at church. It was blissful (other than the heat and, of course, missing church!). As I stirred and mixed and tasted and put together three new recipes, I couldn't help but realize how much I love, love, love to cook and bake. I mean it's no surprise except that sometimes I can lose sight of what I enjoy, how I am gifted, and what my creative outlets gets busy, meal time is crazy and I'm sometimes rushing to get dinner on the table. And I totally forget how much I actually need to step back and take a breather and have some time by myself to just cook and bake for fun.

For me, putting a beautiful meal on the table is a way I show love. I carefully think and plan and seek to make it special for whomever is joining us for dinner - taking note if I know they have certain likes or dislikes etc. I enjoy the process and it is a delight to add the extra touches, to try a new recipe, or to make it a little fancier. It's not to say I always succeed or that every meal is a masterpiece but rather that it is a creative expression for me.

Creativity comes in many forms and I think it's important to take time for whatever we enjoy as our outlet or hobby. And I'm always curious what inspires others, so feel free to share!

Now if only that dish fairy would show up, I'd be set and my sweet, dish-washing, taste-testing, super-supportive husband would get a break! :)


Kim said...

You need to meet my mother. You two would be BFF's! She is always telling me that cooking is not a chore, "it's creating." Uh huh. ;)

Jenny said...

I feel that way about sewing!
I think we mommies need creative outlets that let us "finish" stuff because so much of motherhood is "ongoing". I get so much satisfaction out of having a finished garment, in a way that I need to feel like I really am accomplishing something day-in and day-out.