Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Working It Out!

Next Monday marks the start of my new fitness regime. My sisters are joining me in acountability as we work towards our personal goals. I'm so excited to be doing this together! We have worked out some fun get-together rewards that depend on all of us working hard on our list of goals. One of my plans is for our family to continue incorporating vegetarian meals into our diet - at least twice a week. I'm looking forward to branching out and trying some great new recipes!

The four of us don't live in the same area, so we started a private blog that we can all update it with our progress. The way we have set it up, makes it easy for us to set our own individual goals and for us to identify what we believe will be our most challenging one to meet. So, this week is prep week - getting ready to embark on a much more agressive and purposeful health and fitness plan!

Accountability will be key for me - I MUST have it. I'm simply not motivated enough to do it all on my own. Perhaps I will update here occasionally with my progress and feel free to check in with me and find out how it's going!


Courtney said...

Good luck. I think doing it together will be wonderful. I have to be held accountable to others or I fall off the train fast.

Adrienne said...

Best of luck Alaina.. Do keep us posted on your progress..

I too find it hard to motivate myself... or should I say to stay motivated so I think you doing this with your sisters on board is a great idea..!!


Jenny said...

Good luck!
If you want to add some easy record-keeping into it, I have been using and really like the calorie counters, fitness trackers, and so on.
i can send you a referral and get "sparkpoints" for myself if you want! :)