Sunday, July 25, 2010

Menu Plan Monday: 7/26-8/1

It's been entirely too long since I've seriously menu planned and I'm feeling it. So, at least for this week, I'm back on the wagon and joining in to Laura's MPM over at I'm an Organizing Junkie. So here's what will be happening in my kitchen this week!


MONDAY: Baseball Game (it's $1 night so we will be enjoying ball park hotdogs, popcorn, etc. :))

TUESDAY: Soft Tacos or Quesadillas, Sauteed Zuchinni w/Onion, Strawberries

WEDNESDAY: Chicken Vegetable Stir-fry, Brown Rice, Blueberries

THURSDAY: Hamburgers w/the works, Veggie tray, Chips, Watermelon, Cake & Icecream (it's my middle son's 5th birthday so he ordered this!)

FRIDAY: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Birthday leftovers (we have a wedding to attend)

SATURDAY: Homemade Pizza (vegetarian), Carrots, Celery & Peanut butter, Fruit

SUNDAY: Roast w/potatoes, carrots & onions, Salad, Bread, Cherry Pie

I'm also hoping to make a new blueberry muffin recipe for breakfasts this week and a blueberry cake for a gathering at my sister's house. And those recipes will hopefully be featured on Thursday over on the recipe blog I co-author - The Cooks Next Door.

BREAKFASTS: Muffins, Oatmeal, Cereal, Toast, Fruit, Yogurt

LUNCHES: Leftovers, PB & J, Yogurt & Fruit, Burritos, Quesadillas

Hopefully I will be able to stick to the plan this week! Check out for many more menu and recipe ideas and to join in her Menu Plan Monday carnival!


Rona's Home Page said...

Welcome back to MPM.
Yummy! I want to eat at your house this week.

Moderate Means said...

Yogurt and fruit is such a great lunch in the summer. I need to start planning it more often.