Sunday, April 27, 2008

MPM: 4/28-5/3

April and May just feel extra busy. It seems our weeks are fuller than usual and our schedule more hectic. It's a little overwhelming and it's making meal time a huge challenge. So, I'm going to go ahead and menu plan but it is certainly not set in stone and I'm afraid it is rather boring. :)

MONDAY: Leftovers from Sunday's Birthday Celebration (Andrew working late)
TUESDAY: Grilled Hot Dogs (the "healthier" kind - no msg, no nitrates etc.), Oven Fries, Applesauce (Andrew working late)
WEDNESDAY: Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes, Fried Eggs, Yogurt (Andrew likely working late)
THURSDAY: Wycliffe Dinner
FRIDAY: Pizza, Fruit, Veggies
SATURDAY: An afternoon wedding and probably a snacky supper at home afterwards.
SUNDAY: Pasta w/homemade cream sauce - fresh herbs, asiago cheese, pepper, Salad, Fruit

Thanks to orgjunkie for hosting. If you would like any more information on menu planning, recipes, etc., please feel free to ask. You can also check out my recipe blog. Have a wonderful week!

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PlanningQueen said...

I know how you feel about busy schedules. I work hard to keep them as calm and even as possible, but there does seem to be so much happening. I am in disbelief that we are almost in May! I have a very plain and short menu plan this week.