Wednesday, April 16, 2008


It's been awhile since I posted on the boys' blog. So today was the day - check it out! We are enjoying the beautiful weather and working on plans for Calvin's birthday. He is quite set on the Monster's Inc. theme as previously noted but I can't find anything with Sully & Mike! So I'm probably going to buy some books and cut them up and see what I can come up with... :)

On an unrelated note, I wrote about potty training here and while we started well, it quickly went down hill so we took a break. I'm pleased to report that Calvin is on day 5 of underwear (no pull-ups except at naptime and bedtime)! We have had zero accidents and that includes trips to the store, zoo, nana's house, and more. My goal was to have him trained by 3 and I'm hoping that we are there! He is very pleased with himself and we are very proud of him. I'm certain we will have accidents and tough days but we are so happy with his incredible progress! Patrick is uninterested so we will wait a little longer for him but hopefully by July 29 (his 3rd birthday), he will be trained, too.


Monica said...

Great picture!!

Congrats on the training!! I think you'll see it's all up hill from here and hopefully little brother will learn by imitation. Wouldn't that be nice:)

Mob said...

Wow, that is fantastic. You've already cut your diapering in half!

jeremy said...

Still waiting for Pippi's blog...what's the holdup?

Will she be there for the birthday? Boy, I hope so!!!! I love Pippi.