Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Winners

Well, another bloggy giveaway has come to an end. With 331 entries (I was hoping for 333 :)), the chance of winning was about 1 in 110. Surprisingly, the random number generator gave me 3 numbers that were all above 200 - sorry to those of you who entered early. :) I wish I could send you all a prize... Anyway, here are the winners - if for any reason any of them do not contact me within 3 days, I will draw another number(s) or send a prize to my friend Paula who has offered to fill any vacant spots in the past. :)


Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your prizes! Stay tuned, maybe I will have another giveaway this summer - we'll see. :)


CanCan said...

Congrats to the winners!
Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway!

Carla said...

Hi Alaina:
I linked to your blog from Heather's. It is so wonderful to see your boys and read back on the past 3 (!) years. You and Andrew are doing a wonderful job as parents--the boys look well loved. Hope to meet them sometime. Have they been to Conner Prairie? :>}

christel said...

Hi Alaina.

Congratulations to your winners!

Great news. You are the winner of my giveaway. Send me your mailing info and I'll send out the $20 Target gift card and shopping bags to you.