Friday, April 11, 2008

Warming Up!

It's warming up - finally! I'm can't wait to work out in the yard and plant the garden. And Farmer's Market season is almost here! There is nothing like the fresh vegetables and fruit that come directly to your table from local growers. I went to Trader's Point Creamery last Saturday and saw the first fresh greens! In May, they will move the market outside and change to Friday evenings. I enjoy patronizing the same market because it's given me a chance to know the various vendors a little better.

I've spent alot of time this winter thinking (and reading!) about how to be a wise steward in the area of food. So, I'm considering other ways to cut back on grocery store spending this summer in favor of buying local. My goal is to do it without spending more money overall. I'm not sure how this will work out yet but I'm really looking forward to it!


Ambrose Family said...

This post's timing is funny... Since this morning it is much colder! :)

I'm excited about the farmer's markets coming up too. Trader's Point is one of the best, plus sometimes you can get them to give you unpasturized milk--yum! :)

This year Dan & I are considering joining a CSA this year, but I'd hate to lose the atmosphere of the farmer's market. So I'm not sure what we'll end up deciding!

My World (. . . as it happens) said...

Love Trader's Point! Also I am not sure if my memory is working, but I beleive the website is - I hope that is right. All local produced, delivered straight to your front door! From what I researched so far, extremely reasonable.