Saturday, January 10, 2009

Beds, Cleaning, Entertaining

I think we almost have a set of bunk beds lined up off craigslist! I've been checking there and researching new ones. This morning a set was posted and I've been in contact with the seller (just waiting for a picture) and then we will pick them up. They unstack and can be two twin beds which is how we will use them for now. I think this will save us a couple hundred dollars minimum and we are so grateful for that!

Today has been challenging but good as we continue on the quest to organize and improve our home. :) Honestly, I never realized how much stuff you "needed" for kids and I would consider us mostly minimalists in that regard - some by design, some by necessity, and some by the sheer quickness of Ty's addition. (He is happily sitting on my lap and chattering away at the moment. Now that he's done with his cereal he can be happy again. :))

We loved Marley & Me! I loved the book and though they took some liberties with the movie, I think they captured the essence of what I remember and thoroughly enjoyed. I laughed and cried when I read the book and I did the same for the movie. Excellent! I'm sure I will have more of a post on this.

Tomorrow my in-laws are coming. I think I will make Crock Pot Sesame Pork Chops, rice, salad, applesauce, and dessert of some kind. It's not from my menu plan but we didn't have their visit on the schedule at the beginning of last week and I got a good deal on boneless pork chops this week. I kind of want to make molten chocolate cakes for dessert but I'm not sure I have all the ingredients and I'm not running out tonight so we'll see.

My sister has been invaluable help this week - watching the kids, working with me, keeping me sane... I'm so glad she was willing and available! I think this whole cleaning and purging process will probably take most of January but that's okay. I'm doing it when I can and hoping that it will set a great tone for the year!

Hope you've had a wonderful day. I'm exhausted. Tonight I think I'll watch a movie while I sort and fold clothes. I'm a multi tasker by nature. :) Sounds relaxing - though not as relaxing as a soak in a hot tub! Wouldn't that be nice? :) Oh, and no, I don't actually have one. :)


Heather L. said...

I hope the beds work out for you! I will try the pork chop recipe soon. Thanks!

Thad and Ann said...

I hope you are able to get those beds. I multi task too while watching TV. :) I knocked out quite a bit of organizing/purging yesterday. My parents watched the boys for us so we could get things done. It's great when you family around that are willing to help like that.