Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Random Ramblings

- Organizing is going well overall. I'm feeling a bit discouraged by the utter chaos it has created but I see progress and am trying to focus on that. It's been far too long since I spent time going through everything and we've been in our house for 5 years. I tell Andrew every once in awhile that I want to move just so I am forced to do this. :) No move in sight...but organization is well underway, anyway. :)

- My least favorite part of Christmas is taking down all the decorations and putting them away.

- Titus started on cereal this week. He's not crazy about it and gets a little mad at me. :) I'm giving it to him twice a day and have varied the cereal in relationship to the bottle. I think he'll catch on soon - he did great the first day.

- I filled Ty's nebulizer prescription today to the tune of $290. Gulp. Very discouraging and the thing I HATE about independent insurance. But I am thankful that for the first month's supply (last month), one of the nurses at our pedo's office gave me some samples.

- I'm finally getting my hair done. I haven't had it cut for 6 months and I'm about to go crazy!!! I'm debating going with a new look - we'll see.

- Patrick got to run errands with me today and he requested Cheetos. I didn't even know he knew what they were since I pretty much never buy them (I can't even remember the last time). He does and I let him get some. :)

- Other exciting news - Patrick is officially potty trained after almost a year. Both boys are staying consistently dry at nap times (we are working on nights). I'm so glad! And I have a couple years break before Ty - yay!!!

- I keep meaning to mention how blessed we were to receive 2 giant bags of baby boy clothes from my friend's sister. They were nearly all 3-9 month clothes, exactly what we needed and what we definitely didn't have much of at all. I was even able to pass some on.

- I also keep forgetting to tell you that one of the highlights of early December for me was hearing Alice Waters speak. It really deserved it's own post but since it's been nearly a month, I'll just say that though I don't fully agree with her ideas, it was awesome and I got an autographed copy of her cookbook. Andrew gave me her Fruit cookbook for Christmas.

- Keeping Creative Kitchens will resume tomorrow. Hope you can join in and share your successes, failures, ideas, pictures, inspirations, or wisdom.

- If you stuck this post out, congratulations. :) I will now give you a few pictures.


Catherine said...

Cute pictures! The one of Ty is particularly cute!

Monica said...

I am joining you in the insanity. This afternoon we are going through all of the toys! It is a mad house up there and the kids are getting into everything. Who will save me?

Jill said...

I just love that you keep things real! I just know your loving this cleaning and organization stuff....LOL!
Congrats on the potty training, we are right there with ya!!

Heather L. said...

Congrats on the potty training! Very exciting!!! How fun to start Ty on cereal!

Mama10EE said...

Oh gosh a YEAR?!?! We have just started and frankly, I hate it! Ugh. Congrats to Patrick for such a great achievement!!!

And it is not possible for Ty to get any cuter!

Kim said...

Adorable pictures! Congratulations on the potty training. That is awesome and I am jealous. :)

I hate taking down the Christmas decorations too but I am glad to have my house back.


Brad and Stacy said...

Ty looks just like my newphew in that pic. i will have to send you a pic to see the freaky resemblance! He is so cute (all of your boys are)!!!