Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Your comments to my blog birthday post were so kind and so very humbling.

I'm really just an ordinary girl who:
-Never gets enough sleep.
-Loses patience with her kids more times than she would like to admit in a day.
-Struggles with motivation.
-Occasionally feeds her family cereal for supper.
-Is so far behind on scrapbooks that they will probably never happen.
-Gets frustrated with people and situations.
-Doesn't dust regularly.
-Sometimes makes food that doesn't turn out well.
-Likes that her boys paint at school so she doesn't have the mess at home.
-Can't keep up with laundry.
-Has every once in awhile stayed in pajamas for the whole day.
-Crunches more ice than you can imagine.
-Too often makes coffee, pours a cup, and then gets two sips before it's cold.

Yep, my life is mostly crazy. And I definitely don't get everything done - I'm not crafty, my closets still need cleaned out (maybe by the end of the month?), and I have a baby who prefers cat naps to anything longer.

But I do:
-Love the Lord.
-Love my husband & kids.
-Try to keep it real.
-Enjoy good food.
-Prefer organization.
-Believe in green living/stewardship.
-Feel passionate about adoption and always have.
-Have a heart for parentless children all over the world.
-Seek to always learn, to live without regrets, and to love unconditionally.

I love reading your blogs and I am reading them even when I don't get a chance to comment. I find inspiration and encouragement from so many of you! Thank you!

All that to say, I am ordinary. I am tired most of the time. My house is far, far from perfect. I have clothes to fold and laundry to run. And while writing this post, I have jumped up about 10 times as I waged a nap battle with the baby - he finally won this one and promptly spit-up everywhere. Well, dinner is not making itself so I'm off to do that. Yes, it's all in a day's work...but it's my work and my calling and I am thankful.


Dan & Kate Ambrose said...

This post really speaks to where I am right now! I understand and I'm so glad to know I'm not alone!

BRiehl said...

You're so sweet! Thanks for sharing your strengths and struggles:) It's good for all us moms to hear that we are not alone!!

Mama10EE said...

It's because you are ordinary that we like you so much! :) It is nice to know I am not the only "crazy" mom.

Gretchen said...

Boy does this hits close to home. :) I am in the same place you are. I have stopped leaving the house without help (just ask Kim) cause it is just too much for me right now. The past few days have been especially hard in regards to sleep. I totally sympathize with you. I also really enjoy reading your blog even though I rarely comment. Just wanted you to do you are not alone. :)

Jill said...

You rock Alaina!! 'Nough said!

Charity said...

I love your real-ness! :)

Jennifer M said...

:-) (Just a smile today as you already know my comments.)

Urban Mamma said...

What a great post...I've been feeling the same way, and I only have one kiddo!