Monday, March 16, 2009

Dallas: Part 2

Let me first say - I "stole" some of these photos from Jen. :) She was all prepared with a camera and we left ours in the car.

Friday was our day just to hang out and relax. We went to a really nice mall and bought nothing, went to a matinee (Slumdog Millionaire - excellent!), and had a fantastic lunch at La Duni. For real, the lunch was amazing and we finished it with a cupcake since we had heard that they had good dessert. Cupcakes will NEVER be the same - I seriously need to figure out how to make one that good and it was beautiful! Okay, I'll admit that we even went back just for cupcakes after our anniversary dinner on Saturday night - it's a very good thing that we don't have one around here. :)

Friday night, we had a great time with our friends, Megan and Kc. She cooked a delicious dinner and he added us to their "Wii family." The girls ruled in tennis and Mario Kart was definitely dominated by our hosts. We are pictured below with them at the wedding.

Saturday, we attended the wedding of Jason & Courtney. It was beautiful and we were so glad to share in their day! Jason has been a friend of mine (and then ours) for many years and we met Courtney this past year - she is so sweet! I also had a chance to meet Katie for the first time - I love her blog! She is just as great in person and I hope we can get together now that we've officially been introduced. :)

The Happy Couple! Courtney was stunning!

The reception was on the 42nd floor of one of the buildings - it was so nice and the view was incredible!

Saturday night, Andrew and I went to Blue Mesa for dinner to celebrate our anniversary. It was also very good. I loved that they served a mix of chips with their salsa - blue and white corn chips and sweet potato chips. The latter were surprisingly good with the salsa! And as I already mentioned, we happened by the cupcake restaurant for dessert which we took back to our hotel.
Sunday, we met up with Jen, Megan & Kc for lunch and enjoyed visiting. It was great to spend some time with Jen before we headed back home.

Megan, Jen & Me - friends for years!

Sunday afternoon, before we went to the airport, we had a chance to see our friend Saige. We met Josh and Saige in Kazakhstan when we were all bringing home our boys. We instantly clicked with them and miss them so much! The boys were all away but we were so glad to see her and catch up! It was a great ending to our trip. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a picture. I know you are all shocked by that. :)

So, there you have it. It was a full but very good weekend. We found a few things to bring home for the boys and a thank-you gift for my parents for caring for our children. We arrived home safe and a little tired. :)


Jen said...

It was SO great to see you guys! And I am so glad you loved La Duni--my FAVORITE place in Dallas.

And yes, we have been friends for so long we love to dress alike. Ha!

Miss you already!

Jack-a-roo's Mom said...

Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. Much appreciated. Still loving your pizza recipe. It's been very comforting lately. I make it alot. I think the baby must love cheese pizza. I have lots of cravings for it.
P.S. Great pictures from your trip. It looks like you had a lot of fun. The cupcake sounds wonderful!

Rona's Home Page said...

I love weddings. I always cry when they play "Here Comes the Bride".
The bride and groom look terrific.