Saturday, March 21, 2009

Found Today - Updated!

I realized as I was sorting through clothes this week that Titus had viritually nothing for summer. And by nothing, I mean, he had 1 or 2 short sleeve shirts and a couple of short sleeve/pants outfits. So today, I set out to begin to rectify his summer wardrobe.

The result:
8 shirts
7 pairs of shorts
2 one-piece outfits
2 hats
1 pair of sandals
Total spent: $15

I found some great deals - thanks to a couple of thrift stores with half-off! I'm so thankful! He may need a couple more shirts (being a spitter and all) but overall, I think that will give him a great start.

**UPDATED: I'm feeling super blessed tonight! I kept feeling that I must have a few summer things somewhere for him but they weren't with the 6-9 month clothes (yes, he is small - still wearing 6 mo. clothes at 7 mos. :)). Tonight, I happened to glance into another box of clothes and found the summer things we had in the 6-12 mo. size so, he is done! He has plenty of cute clothes and hats for the summer! Hooray - what a great day!**


Heather L. said...

That's terrific!!! I found a bundle of sweaters which I can't wait to either felt or unravel for yarn. yay for 50% off sales!

Gretchen said...

Cute stuff and what a deal! I realized today that Asa has no clothes either. He is so stuffed into his 6 months outfits. I will have to get him some things this weekend.

Mama10EE said...

Must have been the day for going through clothes! I have spent the past hour tearing off tags of Morgan's new clothes. I always shop clearances for next summer (and next, and get the point) and discovered that I had SIX bathing suits for Morgan!!! So if you know anyone that is in need of a 3T girls one piece suit, let me know!

This is my favorite time of change time! :) Purchasing clothes for kids is my biggest shopping passion.

Rona's Home Page said...

It's great to read that thrift shops still offer great buys for little ones.
With a 6 ft 5 inches teen we rely on Old Navy for great prices and promotions.
Yes, spring has finally arrived.
Enjoy your day!