Sunday, May 31, 2009

Countdown to 30: Giveaway 6

This, the eve of my birthday, is my Grandpa's birthday - he is also turning 30 :) a couple of years. :) We have shared a few celebrations together over the years and I tried to find a photo that commemorates that but I could not (I know it exists!). We liked angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream and we had one cake that said, "For a Couple of Teasers." I have always loved that our birthdays are but a day apart. He is an amazing person - truly an example and he and my Grandma have given us an incredible heritage!


I'm so excited about this giveaway today! When I came up with the idea of the countdown to 30, I asked my sister if I could give something away that she had painted and she agreed! So, today I'm featuring the artwork of my sister Liz (she blogs at
capture life's rhythm). She graduated in 2006 with a double major in painting and illustration. She has a studio in downtown Indianapolis at the Harrison Center which is open the first Friday of every month for open studio night. Liz will also be one of the featured artists at the Element Spa & Salon in Lafayette, IN for their upcoming Grand Opening celebration.

Liz shares about her inspiration and work, "I like to explore concepts or ideas in my paintings, often in a somewhat abstract and subtle way. I draw inspiration from poetry and the written word and I enjoy mixing aspects of illustration with a more free form of painting. My hope is that my work will evoke emotion, whether that is negative or positive, from its audience. I want my art to communicate with the viewer in a way that provokes thought."

This giveaway is for
4 notecards with prints of her original paintings. These beautiful cards would be great for sending or for framing. I'm so delighted to offer this giveaway to you and to encourage you to support local artists in your area! Here are the paintings that will be used for a couple of the cards:

Jennifer noted that I forgot to leave how to enter so here it is... :)

To enter, simply leave a comment about how you support local artists, your favorite art form or medium, or something about the Harrison Center (linked above).

Believe if or not, the rules haven't changed :):
1) 1 entry per person per giveaway - you do not have to live locally or even know me personally for any of the prizes (I will cover all shipping costs).
2) You can enter all drawings for the week - just leave a comment with the specified guidelines on each giveaway post.
3) Make sure I have a way to contact you if you are the winner (winners will be chosen randomly unless otherwise noted).

I will draw winners for all giveaways next Wednesday, June 3 and contact the winners via e-mail and list them here on the blog. And I'll try to get everything in the mail or delivered within the week. Thanks for joining in my birthday celebration!


Mama10EE said...

Well, I didn't see what we were supposed to comment about today, but that could be my own sleep-deprived eyes. In any event, here is something I do to support local the Center for Excellence in Disabilities (where I work) we have a fine arts program. We have artists will a variety of disabilities who participate in this program. Many of them have had pieces in juried shows and are well-known around the state. One of the nature photographers, Mark, has touched a special place in my heart. I own two of his original photographs and when I need a door prize for something at work I nearly always purchase an item from him. If not, I will only get my door prizes from artists in the program. I like to show that disabilities do NOT limit, only enhance ABILITIES. Mark is a quadraplegic! So I love to support the local artists :) Ah, the countdown to 30 has commenced. Only a few short hours before you join the club :)

Jenna said...

I too don't see what we're supposed to write about. I love the stairs card! It really makes you wonder what is at the bottom!

As a person who enjoys making arts and who is married to a person who is trying to get his own personal art business going, I very much support local artists and their aspirations!

Alaina said...

I just added how to enter...totally forget in my haste to get the post up. :) You are both entered!

Kim said...

Does scrapbooking count as an art form? If so, that is my favorite way to create. I had to take an art history class when I was in college and I hated every minute of it but looking back on it, I surely appreciate it. It took me places I would never have ventured, like the Yale Art Gallery. :-)

Happy 30th! You and Josh share the day! :-)

Smith Family Blog said...

One of our favorite things to do in our area is attend "Art on the Mississippi"-- it's a local art festival located on a pier above the Mississippi. So fun!

Stephanie said...

Well, I'm new to my area, so not very connected to the arts there yet. But, I love photography and painting. And, in all honesty, I helped support this very artist through college. :)

Jenny said...

I support local artists by trying... and trying... to get my boys to do artistic things on their own.
We've never done the "coloring book" thing but instead I give the boys crayons/markers and blank paper. I believe that making your own pictures is better for the inner artist.
(I do sometimes let them do coloring pages just because they are sooooo bad at coloring in the lines and will probably be asked to do this someday in school. But I do it without eagerness.)

Paula said...

I'd love to be entered in this. Those cards are beautiful. My favorite art form is watercolors.

Heather L. said...

What a great giveaway!!!

Hmmmm... how do I support local artists? Lots of moral support for a certain watercolorist. Enthusiasm for the work of artists I know. I think it would be fun to be an art collector -- maybe when we get rich. ;) I guess knitting is somewhat of an art form and I am doing my best to encourage the new knitting shop in Zionsville -- a terrific place!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Madeleine and we adopted our son Alexander from Kaz 5 years ago. Our favorite local artist is Alexander! :) His paintings and art projects are all over our kitchen cabinets and house for that matter. We also take him to see local glass blowing every Christmas and we buy one pot at the local pottery sale each year. I just love your blog. It has been a blessing. Happy 30th Alaina!

Jen said...

I love music---especially the local artists and when they play in the coffee shops for FREE. :) Free is good.

Heather said...

I love lots of favorite local artists, one being your sister! I love going to the Stutz Building tour every year.

Josh said...

Is weather an art form? I know we don't do anything with it, but it is absolutely gorgeous and truly inspiring. (especially when you get to see it from every possible angle)

I'd give painting a second place to that. Or maybe a really good orchestra... I can't decide.

Margaret said...

I support the local arts by modeling for Ashley so she can display her jewelry, by attending the open studio nights as much as I can downtown, and by purchasing jewelry by local artists from silver in the city.

My favorite art form is written and spoken poetry. Photography runs a close second.

Margaret said...

Oh and I guess marrying a local music artist counts too, since I attend 75% of his shows and many of the shows his brother books locally. ;)

Tammy said...

I have painted for years. However, in the past 4 years I put my oil painting brush down b/c of stuff that has happened (All good). I feel i used painting in the past as a release. I want to pick up the brush again someday b/c our house needs new paintings.

Tammy Froelich