Thursday, May 28, 2009


I know, I know, I've seriously neglected this blog! I'm not sure anyone really reads it but it's good for me to record the boys' growth and development. Calvin turned 4 in April and Titus is 9 months and just took his first few steps this week. Both of them are in the 25th percentaile on height and weight (it would appear that Patrick, on the other hand, is on the upper end :)).

Calvin's speech has improved so much in the past 2 months - we can't believe it! We are so proud of him and how hard he works. The older boys just finished their first year of preschool and did very well. They are already looking forward to next year. Life is full and busy. All three of our boys are incredible and we feel so blessed! And what would a post be without pictures of them? :)


liz nelson said...

ty's hair is hysterical in this picture.:) too cute! and yes, i do read this blog.:)

Kim said...

I read!!

I love Ty's hair, too! They have all gotten so big!!

Mama10EE said...

Well, it's about darn time you updated :)! Just kidding...I can't imagine having to chase 3 kids. One keeps me on my toes. I love Ty's hair! What a funny picture.

kitzkazventure said...

Of course, we still check! Those boys are too cute to miss! Looking forward to next week...maybe we will be at the same table again! :)

rubia said...

Oh, your posts are some of my favorites! It's so sweet to see how you love your boys, and it's touching to see your story of adoption and get a glimpse of how your family is growing and maturing, one thunderstorm at a time. :) Besides, since I no longer get biennial updates while you clean my teeth, how else can I hear adorable stories of the shenanigans your boys play? :D

Laura P.