Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On My Own

Yesterday, I thought that Andrew's trip was shortened and today, I find myself doing the parent thing by myself for the next 3 nights and days. Yep, I'm on my own...we'll see if I survive. :) I'm glad for him - he has studying and deposition prepping to do but I already miss him like crazy. It will go quickly and my parents are close, so I'm sure I'll have a little help (I think I might be giving myself a pep talk here :)).

This is a first for me - my hats off to those whose spouse travels regularly and to single parents. I'm just praying that the kids will not think up too many mischievous things to do - it's tough staying one step ahead of my active little boys. :) I've got a couple of activities planned and I think we'll have take-out one night and a movie/homemade pizza night another night. We'll make it fun and hopefully we'll have some pictures to show for it...if I can ever get everything working.

I'm not sure how the house and laundry will fair but at least my sweet boys will be dressed and fed. :)

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Monica said...

It gives you a new appreciation for single parents, doesn't it? Sean has traveled more this spring than ever before. It's not my favorite, but I'm learning to enjoy the time as a break of sorts for myself. I take everything extra off the schedule, paper plates, baths every night(for me) and watching Netflix WAY to late at night.