Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Barbershop Was Open

Yep, it was that time again - haircuts all around. Andrew's hair has so much curl that it is quite forgiving and don't tell him but between you and me, it's getting a bit salt and peppery. :) Calvin's is the most difficult to make look nice because it is so straight and fairly thin. Patrick's thick hair curls at the ends all the way around and he has a low hairline which can be challenging. And finally, Titus has lots and lots of hair which is surprisingly straight and fine with only an occasional slight wave. He is difficult to cut because he is a moving, crying target - definitely not his favorite activity. :) Can you believe he has had three (3!) haircuts in the 11 months since he was born? The kid really didn't lose much of the hair he was born with - one of the NICU nurses told me she thought it was "the keeping kind" and she was right!

Yes, yes, I know this isn't a very good picture but it's the only one that didn't have horrible shadowing in the very quick, very impromptu photo taking. :)

I absolutely could not pass on posting this picture...the other boys were busy and Titus was happily posing. :)

Anyway, I'm still the barber - it saves money and it really doesn't take very much time. The haircuts are not perfect but overall it works. My trusty tools are my scissors and clippers. Last night, we cut the hair outside which is always nice - less mess inside! The older boys did the best ever and were rewarded with lollipops which they very much enjoyed. (Interestingly they chose root beer and cream soda lollipops - they aren't even allowed to drink pop so I think they were enjoying it vicariously.)

The tools for said barbering.

And so, hair is done for another several weeks and just in time for it to grow out a little before being in the wedding. Hopefully the mistakes won't show by then. :)


Jill said...

The guys are lookin' good Alaina!
Hugs, Jill

Margaret said...

That's very funny, I just got my hair cut yesterday, and Philip and I talked to his stylist about scheduling an appointment very soon, so that it has enough time to grown out just a little before the wedding. ;)

Rona's Home Page said...

I tried cutting Marcus' hair when he was little and it was a nightmare! lol
Kudos for cutting your guys' hair. The results look great!

Brooke said...

I agree! Cutting boys' hair is fairly easy and a great way to save money. So what if they have a few nicks? People might just think the kids cut their own hair????? ;)

liz nelson said...

i seriously need to get my hair cut too... before the wedding. i should probably get on that.:)