Friday, July 10, 2009

A Math Problem :)

Covering Vacations at Work = Extra Hours
Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred = Kicking My Behind
Making Meals = No Creativity, No Grocery Shopping
Entertaining = Ordered Pizza
Three Sweet But Active Boys = Big Ones Terrorizing Little One
One Very Busy Husband = Late Nights
One Tired Mommy

Hooray for the weekend! It all starts over on Monday. :) In the mean time, tomorrow afternoon I'm headed out for a sisters' weekend - my three sisters, our sister-in-law and I will be staying overnight and enjoying some quality time before our youngest sister gets married. I can't wait! Andrew will be holding down the fort around here, so you can think of him - he's awesome! :)


Courtney said...

Enjoy your weekend. You deserve it.I am sure the boys will be fine!

Heather L. said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!! I'm so glad you guys are doing this.

As for my husband -- had to call in sick for the wedding!!!! How awful! But, maybe he'll be on the mend soon.....right now he can't talk.

Kim said...

Ooh the 30 day shred is intense! But such a great workout! Keep it up!!