Thursday, July 09, 2009

My Guys & One More Strange Food

Just some pictures of my favorite guys today. Oh and I forgot that one of the strangest things I've eaten is a chocolate bacon bar. Um...delicious! I loved it - two foods that are among my favorites combined into a decadent, rich, salty, sweet treat. You have to savor it just right to allow your senses to fully enjoy the combo - the package had tips on the side for breaking it, smelling, and tasting it. So suprisingly good!

Anyway...on with the pictures!

You catch a bit of a glimpse of their personalities in this one. :)

Those eyes. How can you resist them? Such a sweetheart.

Looking so big these days - definitely losing the baby-ness. Sigh. Stay baby for a little while longer.

Always the ham, always making people laugh - lately, a serious photo is rare. :)


Jenna said...

What fun boys! Andrew definitely looks like he has his hands full!

Jill said...

What cutie pies! You are right...Ty's eye's are to die for! They grow up way to seems like just yesterday I stumbled across you blog as you were getting him!
Love the pics of the "guys" can TOTALLY see their personalities emerging!
Hugs, Jill

(Um are you serious..a chocolate bacon bar? I LOVE chocolate, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE bacon, but the 2 of them together????)