Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Random Questions - Updated With My Answers :)

I'm feeling the need for a random question post. I kind of miss not doing food posts right at the moment so, help me out...

1) What's the strangest thing you've ever eaten? Did you like it?

Hm, I'm having a hard time with this one. Probably raw oysters and I didn't like it and I had a reaction to it. So yeah, won't have them again. I've also eaten swordfish - I believe it was also raw - a carpacio (sp?) preparation.

2) Have you created anything new in the kitchen or tried a new recipe? How was it?

I wish I could say I've created more than I have lately. Tonight I made a tomato, vegetable, beef dish which was a one-dish meal. It was good - ground beef, green beans, potatoes, carrots, onions, corn, fresh herbs, tomato sauce, salt, and pepper. Last night, I made a black bean salad which turned out pretty well but would have been better if there were fresh limes at my house. :)

3) What is your least favorite food flavor?

I'm totally with Jenna on this one...ANISE. Hands down. Can't stand it - not even a little and I've tried it many times. I don't even like fennel. Interestingly, my husband was raised on anise flavored things and really likes it. I let his mom bake those cookies. :)

4) What food inspires you the most?

Definitely fresh foods. I think herbs, berries, and cheese inspire me the most. They make me want to create deliciousness. Even a simple fresh fruit salad can be inspiring to me.

Anyway, answer any or all. I've changed my menu planning just a bit, so I'm planning a post on how that is working for me. For today, this will have to do. :) I'm hoping for a few new ideas or inspiration!


Jennifer M said...

1. Chicken feet. Fried I believe. It was ok. Not something I need to try again, but it wasn't nasty. (Chinese restaurant- dim sum)

2. Yes to the creation. It was good- potato wedges, olive oil, salt, pepper, a squirt of honey mustard, and a few tbls of parmasean cheese mixed together and baked. Nice, crispy outsides, just the way baked potato wedges should be.

3. Two- hot (I like to taste flavor, not kill my mouth), and pickled stuff- pickles, peppers, etc. (though I do like pickled beets)

4a. Tomatoes inspire my culinary efforts. They are so incredibly versatile. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar and eat plain, throw a few thin slices on a boring pizza, add some to a shepard's pie for a kick (with a little red wine for the gravy), tomatoes in rice, tomatoes in Indian food, Italian food, tomatoes bathing a roast in the crock pot, kebabs marinating in tomato sauce before the big spear, tomatoes and mozerella... tomatoes... Mmmm...

4b. As for general inspiration- any food that is minimal and well decorated. i.e. A gigantic plate with 4 asparagus spears drizzled lightly in a champagne butter sauce, and 3 seared scallops nestled together. The plate is then lightly drizzled on the outer edges with a dark purple plum syrup. A plate like that won't fill me, but it engages my senses on every level and encourages me to draw the meal out and savor every bite knowing that it won't last long. That sensory awareness awakens my mind to more than just food, and those rusty gears up top start creaking and turning, and who knows what crazy idea I'll come up with.

Gosh, now I'm HUNGRY!! So much for that bagel for breakfast!

stephanie said...

I just posted about some new recipes I tried recently. You can check it out.

Merrilee said...

1. Blood pudding. Actually, pretty good once you stop thinking about the whole "blood" issue.
2. I created a cake made with fruit cocktail. You used the canned fruit as the wet for the cake. I made it a couple of times for fun (and to use up cans of fruit cocktail.)
3. Saurkraut. I know it's a food and not a flavor but I can't get over it. I like cabbage but not in that form!
4. Fresh fruits and veggies. Just walking through the produce aisle is enough to get my heart a'racing over the possibilities! So much to consider and try!

Jenna said...

1) I too have tried the blood pudding... and am not a fan. I did however like the escargot I tried (anything drenched in that much butter is going to be good!).
2) What have I tried lately... Oh, I made a pasta salad from "The Pioneer Woman's" blog for the 4th of July... I wasn't feeling very good so I only tasted it but everyone else seemed to enjoy it!
3) Probably anise... I just do not like the taste of black licorice. Yuck.
4) I love to bake... and I love fresh berries (probably because they're expensive so much of the year that they seem like a delicacy when you can get them in the summer).

Mama10EE said...

1) Calamari....it was disgusting. I liken it to fried snot. I have also had squirrel meat mixed with beef. Didn't like that either, but would eat it over calamari!

2) Ever since I started reading your blog I have started trying new recipes. In fact, I had enough confidence (or stupidness) to fudge a recipe when I ran out of one of the ingredients a couple of weeks ago. Of course, that same recipe was screwed up when I omitted one step, but caught it in enough time to salvage the meal. Whew. My husband and the other guests enjoyed my invention.

3) Hmmm....curry I think. And you kids are crazy for not loving anise! It is one of the ingredients in my favorite Christmas cookie...the Italian pizelle. Oh, how that brings back recipes. But my husband hates anise too!

4) I wouldn't say a particular food inspires me, rather an occasion. I love making delicious breads, pastries, and other goodies. I also get inspired by good cookbook photos :)