Friday, July 17, 2009

Eclectic Thoughts

After yesterday's post, I really don't have much to say. This has been a week of reflection for me...definitely praising God and feeling so happy but also overwhelmed as I've thought an awful lot about C. But I must say, I am just in awe at how everything worked out and we are so incredibly in love with our little boy (well, all three of them!). We so clearly see God's hand in it all - it's just one of those unbelievable stories.

This has also been a bit of a draining week - the kids have been somewhat demanding, disobedient and disrespectful which is exhausting. Being consistent with correction has worn me out and my patience feels thin. These times come but it's how I respond that is so important and I've struggled with that this week. (Just keeping it real here.)

On a happier note, I'm planning Ty's birthday party! We don't do a party every single year but we make a big deal on the first one they spend with us - in this case #1 for Titus! I'm so excited about it - the plans are coming together, invitations are ordered, and ideas are flowing. It's a carnival theme.

I'm also excited about some other things, not child related - we are good with 3 for now. :) So, you'll have to stay tuned over the next few months to see what I'm up to!

And finally, Titus' suit arrived and it is great! Calvin & Patrick are so excited to be in the wedding and wear their suits so I'm hoping that will rub off on Ty who was not so sure about trying on (or wearing) his suit. There may or may not have been many tears and tugging at clothing... :)

Anyway, have a great weekend! Ours is jam packed - I'm looking forward to a break one of these days. In the mean time, I have 12 pounds of cherries and 8 pounds of strawberries to freeze, a post-wedding brunch to plan, wedding favors tags to help design, a shirt to dye, and many other things I'm probably forgetting. Life is full and great!


Margaret said...

Awww, let's face it Ty would much rather be a streaker at my wedding than a bell ringer. ;)

Jenna said...

What do you use your frozen cherries and strawberries for?

kitzkazventure said...

Yes, we are having a little trouble with disrespect and disobedience this week too. I hope it is because I have been ill and he is really bored with tv and staying in the house but being consistent with discipline has not been my strong point these past weeks. He starts spanish camp next week so I hope it gives us a new start and me, time to mend! ;)

Wish we could partake of the cherries and strawberries! yum!