Monday, July 20, 2009

Patrick Said...

P: (I handed him a shirt) Mom, I wanted to wear that shirt!
Me: Well, good! Please put it on.
P: I'm going to show Margaret my shirt and see if she likes it.
Me: Okay, do you think she will?
P: I don't know, it's a bad shirt.
Me: What? What makes it bad?
P: It has a lion.
Me: Oh.

P (to Aunt Margaret): I'm putting on my Batman socks.
AM: Oh does that make you Batman?
P: Um...yeah. (said in a, like duh, voice)
AM: Are you going to wear them for my wedding?
P: I have to ask Mom if they will show.
AM: Okay.

Patrick often:
- sits down to a meal and looks at his plate and says, "Delicious, Mom!" (So sweet!)
- says, "I love you, Mom."
- says, "Give me a kiss!"
- adamantly declares that we do not need any more babies even though he adores Titus. :)
- insists on wearing tennis shoes instead of sandals or flip flops.
- says, "Hey Calv" (and fills in the blanks with whatever he wants to tell Calvin).


Jenna said...

I love that he tells you "Delicious mom!" What a sweetie!

Margaret said...

I love this post, I'm late posting, but this is great!