Thursday, July 02, 2009

Changing Heart

Lately, I have been contemplating how to be a better parent. Okay, not just lately, it's a constant topic. :) I desire to be a Godly mom and to raise children who love and serve the Lord. I want to honor Him with how I interact with and train the sons He has entrusted to us. I feel frustrated when I lose my patience and find myself continually evaluating how to change. And I find that the more my own heart changes, the better (and more effectively) I am able to communicate, train, and love my boys.

My goal is not to just have kids that obey but to have children with hearts of obedience. I long to reach their hearts with my discipline. The words must be gentle but firm and the consistent correction needs to come with love and patience. Definitely not always easy but the fruits of this necessary correction will be such a blessing.

It's a continual journey and learning process and I see God working in my life as well as the boys. We are all learning to relate to one another and to please God with our lives and actions. How thankful I am for mercy, grace, and forgiveness for when I fail. And how thankful I am for the resources (scripture, parenting books, and veteran parents) that challenge my heart and encourage me to be the mom I want and need to be.


BRiehl said...

Beautifully expressed. "Heart of obedience": that is the key. Today has been a challenging day discipline-wise, and this post encouraged and provoked thought where most needed. Thank you. Your boys are so blessed to have a mom with a heart of obedience to her Savior.

Roo's Mommy said...

Alaina, I love the changes you made to your blog! I haven't been on forever. Too tired and way ready to have this baby.

kitzkazventure said...

We were just talking to Nick today about making the right choices because that is what God wants not because he gets a treat or a reward or ......(fill in the blank). Such a hard concept but I so agree with you! Sometimes (well, almost all the time) I think parenting is about changing me instead of raising them! ;)