Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And Then One Day...

...they ate vegetables! I've been having a little trouble getting the boys to eat vegetables lately and then all of sudden they decided that vegetables weren't so bad after all. :) Calvin still doesn't really like green beans but both of them started eating salad (and asking for it!). They also have been eating peppers and some fresh tomatoes. I'm so glad!

The boys favorite book right now is My Little Word Book. They look at it and excitedly identify pictures and make appropriate animal sounds, car noises etc. It is adorable!

Patrick said his first prayer last night thanking God for the day, Mommy, Daddy, Calvin, & Pippi (with some help, but he repeated all the words). He was so sincere and sweet.

Calvin loves to sing and after we sang 'Happy Birthday' to my Grandma on Sunday, he stood in the middle of all the people, held up his finger, and said, "wight, wight, wight!" Translated this meant,"Let's sing 'This Little Light of Mine'." We obliged and he was thrilled. It's his favorite song - we sing others but this is definitely the most requested.

Every day is a wonderful adventure being parents (okay, admittedly some of them aren't our favorite kind of adventures). :) We love watching our boys grow up - they are so funny! They keep us on our toes and certainly keep us laughing. It's so much fun!

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