Wednesday, September 05, 2007


My kids love Elmo! They occasionally watch Sesame Street and that's their favorite part. Yesterday I was looking at the BabiesRUs ad and Calvin saw an Elmo chair and yelled, "Melmo!" He was so excited! The program really is quite interesting and the boys love fish so Dorothy (the goldfish) is a hit, too. I'm not sure how they got so in to it but it's kind of cute! And I love to hear them say Elmo. :)
Note: Calvin is thrilled I'm writing this post and putting in the image. When I browsed the images he was sitting next to me and pointing at each of them and telling me who it was. :)


steph said...

I have another sesame street coloring book sitting in my car just waiting for the boys. :)

liz said...

hearing calvin say "melmo" was like the cutest thing ever.:) glad we got to see you guys today.