Wednesday, September 26, 2007

This & That

I have so much to do tonight but I would much rather blog. :) So, I'll write a short one about a few things (in no particular order)...

We went to Chicago for Calvin's post-op appointment today - it went well and you can read about it here.

I'm teaching beginning and advanced biology this year to a few homeschool students. It's my 1st year teaching advanced (I'm really just doing labs and tests with them and answering questions) and my 4th year teaching beginning biology (I took last year off). They both meet at my house on Thursdays.

I had dinner with one of my best friends last night and it was such a great evening! We used to work together and I really miss not seeing her several times a week!

Cooking and baking are so much fun! I'm already starting to think about our Christmas Open House and what new recipes I'll make (December 15 is the current plan and you are all invited! :)).

Anyway, things are busy but good. The boys are awesome and I love being a mom!


Heather L. said...

Glad to hear the apt. in Chicago went well!

Micah & Brad said...

Quick question about the meal planning... Do you plan breakfast and lunch? Every time I've tried to "meal plan" I get so burnt out with thinking of what we'll have for EVERY meal that I give up once I get to Tuesday :). But then if I don't plan every meal out, it seems like we're always missing something. I either have all suppers, but no breakfasts, or great breakfasts and lunches, but no supper ideas. Anyone else with this problem?

I "snooped" over on Catherine's sight, and I have to say, I was rather impressed with her meal ideas with a $10 chicken! And I do love the idea of buying organic - especially now that my little girls are eating meat.

I'm with Amy though on the meatless nights. Brad doesn't do so well with those. Every once in a while is fine, but I don't think I could schedule 2 nights a week like that.

I love the recent blogging that you've been doing! So inspiring!

Micah & Brad said...

Oh, man! I meant to leave that comment below :-O