Monday, September 24, 2007

Unlikely Favorite...

I’ve been thinking for awhile that I should write about one of my favorite kitchen appliances. When I received it from a co-worker at one of my bridal showers, I thought it was ridiculous. I mean, who could possibly need this when the stovetop method is simple and furthermore, who would want to find storage for yet another, clearly unnecessary appliance. I purposed to return it as soon as possible.

Well 5 ½ years later and many eggs later, I still have my egg boiler. It is awesome! It’s quick and precise and most importantly, mindless. :) You can do soft boil, medium boil, and hard boil eggs. I use my egg boiler regularly and would replace it if it broke. What a surprise! I highly recommend this small kitchen appliance which really doesn’t take up much storage space after all. :) It may not be necessary but it sure is great and I never wonder how long I've had my eggs in or if they are done!

Do any of you have kitchen gadgets or appliances that you love and wouldn’t want to live without?

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heather L. said...

i've never heard of one of those before! But, what a great idea! I can see how I would end up doing more hard-boiled eggs if I had one.
In Scotland I used a vegetable steamer ALL the time because it was expected to have at least two steamed veg with every meal (for company). My steamer was indispensable! i still haven't got one here in the States, but i'm not doing as high a volume of steamed veg so the stovetop is working okay. I think someday I'll need to get a rice-cooker.
I was just thinking last night while making a smoothie, how much I totally LOVE my vitamix and how thankful I am that michael's Grandmother so kindly bought us one. I guess this is a longer comment than I intended. :)