Friday, September 07, 2007

Warning, Please

So, I think you should warn people if you snore. When Calvin returned to the hospital for the stitch removal, he had a roommate the night before surgery. This sweet little girl and her mom were in the other half of the room. They were such a nice family – their little girl was from China and though she was older than Calvin, she made him look like a giant! We visited with them throughout the evening and I was feeling a little nervous about two toddlers sharing a room. I wondered if any of us would be able to sleep!

Well, the kids went to bed just fine – Calvin woke up but I already told you about that. I was having some trouble sleeping when I heard a little snoring; I got up to check to make sure it wasn’t Calvin - he was sleeping peacefully. Suddenly, the snoring escalated. People, it was like freight train going through the small hospital room. I have never heard such awful sounds. It was incredible! I could not sleep. I tried plugging my ears, putting my pillow over my head, and thinking about something else - all of that did pretty much nothing to block the horrific sounds. Thankfully, the kids slept through it.

Finally, I caught a few hours of sleep. Quite frankly, I think that if you snore, you should have your husband stay instead. I also think you should warn your roommate that you snore. And I just have to say, her husband probably had the best night of sleep he has ever had since he married her unless, of course, he snores, too.


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